Connected Healthcare Platform

Our suite can be downloaded from the app stores and you can be up and running in minutes with our easy to use, clinically designed software that allows big changes in efficiency of data collection, communication and real time reporting at a cost that any Healthcare provider can afford.

10 healthcare challenges we can solve:

Facilitates communication between providers and consumers.

Engages patients in their care delivery.

Supports prevention and management of chronic care at home.

Allows teams to work more efficiently in ward with real time messages and task management.

Facilities the delivery of real time, patient-centered care delivery at home.

Reduces cost for providers and allows the design of new service models.

Provides a real time, auditable view of all of your audits and other compliance processes.

Allows patients to collect their own healthcare data.

Helps to reduce overstaffing in wards, DNA and Audit failures.

Facilitates the digital transformation of Healthcare to real time and mobile.