A true mobile first mHealth platform

Our Platform for digital transformation gives out of the box real-time communication and IoT integration to enable the transformation from old legacy systems to modern, light touch mobile applications.
Carbon Platform

Built to simply scale, the Carbon Labs mission-critical platform can be deployed on-premise, hybrid configuration or off-premise (As a Mobile-SaaS cloud).


Carbon Labs abstracts the requirements of a business and mobile user to allow the platform to be rapidly used in any industry.  To date Carbon Labs has focused mainly on Healthcare but realises that the platform can be used for other industries to satisfy the same commonality. 


Real-time device management orchestration to allow real-time visibility on device usage, connectivity, battery level, wifi signal strength, network infrastructure details (IP address, MAC address, access point details), health status, inbound and outbound queue counts, device diagnostics, device command and control, users and much more.

Fully connected suite of applications powered by the Carbon Labs Platform.

Carbon Labs offers an industry first in Healthcare as part of mobilising the users work. Users can now can complete their tasks as an individual or together as a team.

Enhancing patient care through service innovation.

IoT integrated healthcare

It's intuitive, fast and exciting to use.  The collaboration functionality allows to co-author and carry out live discussions in real-time together on-the-go. (Healthcare live MDT).

  • Process Workflow
  • Simple configuration of data models and associated data validation enables rapid, high quality data entry. Digitally model your pathways and processes with user context to drive rapid adoption among your application user base.

  • Intergrate
  • The Mobile Platform API is extremely flexible and intuitive, coupled with our unrivalled experience in hospital system integration, data linkage to ensure patient safety and operational efficiency is assured.

  • Costimise
  • Auto generation of key documents such as letters to GPs, care plans and imaging requests eliminates duplication, mitigates risk, improves service processes and considerably reduces your admin overhead.

Patient Health Record

Community Based Care

Carbon Labs integrate with other systems to give you an instant view on patient assessments and observations. Giving the clinician the data they need, when they need it.

  • Data Insights
  • Dashboards and reports simplify complex data, which helps to inform decisions, maximise efficiency and improve care delivery.

  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Our Mobile Platform offers various levels of analytical insights from real-time to scheduled, we provide the depth of analytics your business requires. From simple charts and graphs to value-driven visualised insights delivered to mobile devices in context, ensure your teams remain well informed and connected.

  • Export Your Data
  • Take your data with you. Sort form completion data and export that data in various different formats. Export options include Excel, CSV, XML and PDF. Have the data sent to your data warehouse for further analytical processing.

Device Management Portal


The modular nature of CarbonForms ensures scalability in line with your digital strategy. Create an optimal user experience for capturing form data.

  • Offline Capability
  • Point of care data capture is simple with CarbonForms. Supporting your workforce whether centrally or community-based, data collection is seamless and intuitive.

  • Automation
  • Automation is key. It can be as simple as sending confirmation emails once a form is submitted, or as complex as integrating with existing programs to create a bi-directional flow of information.

  • Intelligence
  • Make your forms more responsive by using advanced skip logic and page jumping features. Based on responses, you can determine whether to show and hide additional questions or skip to a new page entirely.