52% of organisations without an effective CQC audit process can receive a poor CQC rating due to poor coordination

Delivery of the proposed solution is expected to greatly increase the ability to comply with requirements of CQC inspections and increase efficiency in care workers daily tasks.

POTENTIAL COST SAVING AND COST AVOIDANCE OF UP TO £540,500.00 in CQC penalties and fines.

The AUDITION_ software has been designed to work with care homes and care providers to reduce the admin burden and eliminate substantial fines, brand damage and bad referral rates.

Managing risk for better CQC compliance

Mobile forms

Mobile App Solution

Collect CQC Audit data on or offline - simplifying life for your quality team workforce, whilst increasing the efficiency and responsiveness of your CQC compliance.

Web forms

Action Plans

Automaticaly triggered alerts based on questions responses, action plans help improve insights into services that aren't performing correctly.

Offline Capability

Share audit scores immediately.

Audition shares audit scores and summary data to your whole team.

Data Insights

Data Insights

Summary reports simplify complex data, providing real-time insights into service delivery and how services for a particular manager/area/region are stacking up.

Process Workflow

Information to report

Ability to provide information instantly, especially for CEOs, the board and the CQC.