Reduce the admin burden and save time (lots of it)

The MyAudit mobile app ensures nothing important can be missed, overlooked, or lost in your auditing process, with real-time dashboards, automatic follow-ups and reminders, and tracking of corrective actions.

Purpose-built for healthcare auditing, MyAudit dramatically simplifies your healthcare inspections in a powerful and incredibly easy-to-use mobile app.

MyCare DNA App for NHS

Beautifully simple

We've made completing any inspection as easy as tapping a button or taking a picture.

Improve auditing outcomes

With MyAudit, everyone takes the same steps, in the same order, for total consistency, standardised reporting and rigorous compliance.

Avoid critical and costly failures

MyAudit ensures nothing important can be missed, bypassed, or lost in your auditing process.

Become a healthcare auditing hero in 6 steps

Easy to deploy. Incredibly easy to use.

Not everyone is an IT whizz. That's why we've made MyAudit as easy as tapping a button or taking a picture.

Collect data - anytime, anywhere

Accessible from your pocket so that nothing can be missed, overlooked or lost in the process. Available on any device – iOS and Android even offline.

Assign tasks and actions

Track progress of allocated tasks & actions, with automatic follow ups and reminders of corrective actions.

Real-time visibility and status

Immediately see the status of multiple inspections and track progress on steps to completion.

At a glance reporting and risk scoring

Easily track your clinical risks with RAG (Red, Amber, Green) indicators.

Improve quality and compliance scores

Complete, consistent and rigorous reporting improves compliance and auditing outcomes.

Unlock the power of intelligent auditing… All annual audits and clinical or non clinical inspections in one place, accessible anytime, anywhere. Pre-built and loaded standard and customised inspection and compliance audits. All templates, including NICE guidelines and KLOE audits, automatically updated when revised.

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